THE TRIAL by Franz Kafka


Production The Trial

Playwright Franz Kafka

Venue Shenley Brook End School


Door Keeper Chloe Dickinson

Huld Isabel Nicholson

Inspector Laura Palethorpe

Joseph K Jordan Smith

Leni Chloe Dickinson

Ensemble Chloe Dickinson, Isabel Nicholson and Laura Palethorpe


Director Alex Mowatt

Designer Aiden Bromley


Tower Operators Jack Stride and Matthew Rider


The Trial is a play written by Franz Kafka and adapted to stage by Steven Berkoff. It is about a man called Joseph K who is arrested one fine morning for a crime and brought to trial, but he never finds out the charges and sinks under helplessness of not knowing. This darkly metaphysical play explores the themes of power, isolationism, totalitarianism, sex and justice, but typical of a Kafka novel leaves no defined interpretation of his writing behind. Therefore the interpretation is left to the reader, and in this instance the audience to decide. In some peoples view, the character of Joseph represents Kafka himself, and just like in the novel when Joseph succumbs to the Law consequently by death, Kafka prematurely dies from Tuberculosis and extreme depression.