A CLOCKWORK ORANGE by Anthony Burgess



Production A Clockwork Orange

Playwright Anthony Burgess

Venue Shenley Brook End School


Alex Jacob Magill

Ensemble Charlotte Ayres, Abenaa Bonsu, Jess Hale and Isabel Slippe-Quartey


Director Fran Chandler and Alex Mowatt

Designer Aiden Bromley

Technical Manager Matthew Duffy


A Clockwork Orange is a play written by Anthony Burgess set in a not-so-distant future society with a culture of extreme youth violence, following the novel’s teenage anti-hero, Alex, narrating his violent exploits and his experiences with the police state trying to reform him. Viciously attacking a man, sexually assaulting a woman, before burgling an elderly ladies house which ultimately lands him in prison, society conditions Alex to make him feel prematurely sick upon violence, preventing him committing violent acts; a result the state see as ‘cured’. At the end of the play Alex eventually reaches an age, 21, the age at which Burgess believed to be the point of maturity, where he freely chooses good over evil. Originally left out of the American publication of the book, Burgess believes it to be an imperative ending to the novel, quoted as saying: The ending questions the reality and ethics of a state that sacrifices individual liberty for the good of society.