BLACKOUT by Davey Anderson


Production Blackout

Playwright Davey Anderson

Venue Shenley Brook End School


Ensemble Charlotte Ayres, Youssef Benalla, Faye Mepham, Sean Reynolds, Connor Smith and Madison Taylor


Director Fran Chandler and Alex Mowatt

Designer Aiden Bromley

Technical Manager Matthew Duffy


Blackout is a play written by Davey Anderson based on the interviews he conducted with a 17 year old from Glasgow’s East End who had committed a violent crime. It focuses on a teenager who is charged with attempted murder and his struggle to remember the events that brought him to be in a young offenders secure care unit. The hard hitting play follows James life and his ability to deal with his parents splitting up, getting bullied, coping with the death of his Granddad, seeking Hitler as an idol and his attempted murder of a friend. All he wants is for someone to give him a chance, a chance for him to be able to take control of his life. The playwright Davey Anderson quotes ‘it is about what leads young people to commit violent acts, how they should be punished (or rehabilitated) and, crucially, how these kinds of crimes can be prevented.’