My passion for lighting began when I was acting in a performance of ‘Hoodwinked’ in year 5, playing the lead role Robin Hood. Performing on-stage I was intrigued by the mysterious world called backstage and exploring this curiosity I soon became fascinated by lighting, a key component of ‘backstage’. Feeling the warmth of the lights upon me a connection grew between the glamorous world of acting and the hidden lifestyle of a techie. It wasn’t until my first show when I was given the cue ‘LX GO!’ that I realised why this was for me. That fader wasn’t just a fixture emitting light, it had a techie focussing it, an assistant rigging it in place and a designer giving it a purpose in a play. From that day onwards I wanted to be that lighting designer!

When entering the production process, I don't see myself as a lighting designer but an equal collaborator of theatre. I truly believe that the actor, designers and director should all be equal collaborator's when producing theatre - each of their specialisms informing and influencing the other. 

As a great inspiration to me, my tech tutor always said ‘you never know when a lamp will blow’. For me this is highly symbolic of life that you need to take every opportunity in life to achieve your end goal, how little or small, step by step. University will be the first step to success.


Photo Credit : Kelly Gellard