MEDEA by Warwick Classics Society


Production Medea

Company University of Warwick Classics Society


Aegeus Theo Guinness

Chorus Harvey Aungles, Jenny Benton, Sebastian Chapman, Leo Crozier, David Hughes, Lucy Kitcher, Zhara Manji, Dillon Patel, Maya Russel Smith and Megan Walsh

Chorus Leader Alice Saunders and Edward Villers

Creon Wilkie Dickinson-Sparkes

Glauce Hannah Tier

Jason Oliver Sheard

Medea Holly Cowan

Nurse Laura Adebisi

Tutor Meg Christmas


Director Asha Martin

Musical Director Kirk Hastings

Assistant Musical Director Clare Mahon

Producer Gabrielle Leadbeater

Original Translation Clive Letchford

Lighting Design Aiden Bromley

Set Design Dr Emmanuela Bakola

Assistant Set Design Meghan Cradock and Maxwell Talbot

Costume Design Jessica Burkinshaw and Bethan Goddard

Sound Design Molly Barron

Prop Design Jessica Burkinshaw and Bethan Goddard

Graphic Design Sarah Brown

Company Stage Manager Hannah Thorpe

Academic Advisor Dr Emmanuela Bakola


Stage Manager Penny Fraser

Deputy Stage Manager Connor Adolph

Assistant Stage Manager Radha Patel, Holly Raidl, Ellie Smales, Richa Snell and Jasmine Tiara

Sound Operator Molly Barron

Band Hannah Dyson, Emily Holt, Lydia Johnson, Nicky Leathard, Ella Newton, Jenny Wheeler and Becky Windsor

Medea Publicity Officer Kelsi Russell

Warwick Classics Publicity Officer Rosie Mullen

Photography Sarah Brown




Warwick Classics Society presents Medea. Known to many as the most tragic piece of ancient Greek theatre, Euripides’ Medea explores love, loss, betrayal, and the consequential revenge of its eponymous heroine, Medea.

Medea, deeply in love with Jason, has abandoned her family and native land of Colchis and moved with him to Greece – with no possibility of return. When the play opens, Jason has broken his vows of loyalty and love to her and has instead turned to marry the King of Corinth’s daughter. 

These events spark a rage within Medea, and although others attempt to calm her anger, her heart does not waver: she must avenge this shattered promise.