Production Mayday Mayday Tuesday: Mikhail's Story

Playwright Carlos Murillo

Company Rose Bruford College of Theatre and Performance

Lighting Sponsors White Light, Light Initiative, Karl Taylor, and Lamp and Pencil.


Alex Melissa Knighton

Annie Julia Frith

Bucky Harry Clarke

Derek Sam Ivor

Eliza Fanta Barrie

Gravedigger Sam Ivor

Kale Fanta Barrie

Lilly Niamh Lynch

Marc Nathaniel McCloskey

Martin Caleb Russell

Mikhail/Michael Owen Alun, Louis Hill, Sam Baker-Jones and Joshua MacGregor

Trish Ella Rides

Richard Dane Ray Strasser-King

Rob Chomba S. Paulo

Waitress Julia Frith


Director Raymi Ortuste Quiroga

Musical Director Jo Eaton-Kent

Lighting Design Aiden Bromley

Set Design Tereza Hudakova & Lottie Garland

Costume Design Tereza Hudakova

Sound Design Adam Gibson


Production Stage Manager Thomas Casey

Technical Manager Ashley Holdom

Production Supervisor Karl Taylor

Head of Sound Jimmy O'Shea

Head of Lighting Jake Taylor 

Production Electrician Ben Gittos and Nick Harvey

Lighting Programmer Mark Matthews

Deputy Stage Manager Lucy Fawthrop

Assistant Stage Manager Hope Clarke, Jamie Radford and Sami Wood

Sound Operator Fintan Davies

Scenic Project Manager Jay Bassett

Scenic Workshop Assistant Grace Blagden, Chad Griffiths, Scoobe Karlinski, Adam Kassell,  Victoria Langoy, Rachel MacLoughlin, Matt O'Reilly, Sebastian Patron, Jess Slingerland, Nathan Stead, and Cara Cox-Webber

Costume Supervisor Anja Thorsen

Costume Maker Bethan Price, Sammy Ratcliffe and Alice Wooding

Costume Assistant Rachael Coombes, Corinna Francavilla and Charlotte Pearce




A soul backing vocalist dies and her son is taken by his mysterious uncle, who longs to recapture his past pop stardom. Across the city, a pregnant novelist seeks to uncover a mystery: is there a ghost in her new home, or is her husband having an affair? Next door, a wealthy couple struggles to keep up appearances while raising their troubled adopted child. Hiding out in a repossessed condo, a sexy musicology student becomes private detective, searching for a lost musical genius. When a long forgotten record album resurfaces in Chicago, these disparate lives will collide. Carlos Murillo has rearranged these stories into a two self-contained plays specially for Buford's New Writing Season 2018.