THE RIOTS by Rose Bruford College


Production The Riots

Playwright Gillian Slovo

Company Rose Bruford College


Diane Abbot Timmika Reynolds

John Azah Bhavnik Joshi

Camila Batmanghelidjh Rachel Lemon

Martin Sylverster Brown  Theo Bougouneau

Barbara Cleaver Yvonne Lawlor

CI Graham Dean  Peter Bergin

ergeant Paul Evans Daniel Marot

Harry Fletcher Scott McDowell

Michael Gove Harry Rundle

Mohamed Hammoudan Bhavnik Joshi

Simon Hughes Jonathon Deering

Chelsea Ives Timmika Reynolds

Owen Jones Daniel Marot

Sadie King Yvonne Lawlor

Leroy Logan Jorghino Osuagwu

Karyn McCluskey Rachel Lemon

John McDonnell Luke Millard

Pastor Nims Obunge  Tayla Kovavevic-Ebong

Sir Hugh Order Harry Rundle

Greg Powell Scott McDowell

Stafford Scott Shaquel Grant

Ian Duncan Smith  Peter Bergin

Jacob Sakil  Theo Bougouneau

Avid Swarbrick Luke Millard

Inspector Winter Luke Millard


Director Sarah Bedi

Lighting Design Daniel James Spreadborough

Set Design Cecilia Trono

Sound Design Alex Tift

Video Design Joseph Lott

Production Manager Christina Cornelisse

Stage Manager Martin Johnson


Head of Lighting Samuel Woolass and William Steggles

Technical Manager Alex Loftie

Production Electrician Aiden Bromley

Lighting Programmer Michael Cunningham

Lighting Crew Mathew Carnazza, Christopher Hepburn, Jack Holloway, Eliot Jones, Matthew Kitchen and Abigail Waller

Head of Sound Callum Timbrell

Sound Operator Paddy Ball

Sound Technician Harvey Allen

Scenic Project Manager Adam Rose

Workshop Manager Construction Gareth Shippen

Workshop Manager Props Joanna Earles

Scenic Artist Eleanor Jones, Jay Basset and Megan Settle

Costume Supervisor Ellie Tulley and Kathy Richardson Howell

Costume Maker Adelina Wade and Grace White

Costume Assistant Grace Taylor Shaw, Lauren Digby, Misha Adams, Molly Bennet, Samantha Ratcliffe and Zoe Brown

Senior Video Technician Robin Senoner

Video Programmer Ben Gittos, Harry Guest, Nick Harvey and Josh Musgrave

Camera Director Mark Matthews

Camera Operator Tom Harrison, Jana Jansen and Tilly Stratford

Vision Mixer Operator John Piper

Media Server Manager Owen Yelland

Production Superviser Lucy Hall

Deputy Stage Manager Robyn Manners

Assistant Stage Manager Alison Letson and Hamish McIntyre


On 4th August 2011, Mark Duggan was shot dead by police in Tottenham. Two days later riots broke out in London, spreading to cities across the country.

When the Government refused to conduct a Public Inquiry, The Tricycle Theatre launched their own – in the form of this verbatim play.  The Riots builds a compelling picture of the civil resentments, rage, violence and crime, followed by an equally gripping discussion on possible causes and remedies for this shocking series of events.



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Monday 13th March 2017 to Wednesday 15th March 2017

Stratford Circus Arts Centre, Stratford, E15 1BX
Tickets: £10 (Adults) £8 (Concessions) £5 (Students)
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