Festival Dreams Before Dawn

Company Mattieu Bellon

Venue Theatre de Menilmontant, Paris


Curator Mattieu Bellon

Assistant Curator Matilde Jalles

Technical Manager Aiden Bromley


Head of Sound Hope Brennan

Head of Theatre XXL Ryan Joseph Stafford

Head of Theatre XL Jack Holloway

Head of Studio Simon Chorley




Lazarus, resurrected by the hand of Jesus, has wondered the world for millennia. Unable to die, he returns to his ancient tomb to finally rest. In his lonesome madness he is able only to tirelessly thrash against the walls of his immortal body, uttering half-remembered words of Christ. With soft song a disturbed flower girl tends to the garden that has sprouted in the death rich earth. A man festering with sickness arrives seeking Lazarus, desperately hoping to evade his fate…

Between Teeth Theatre seek to make uncompromising new work, bringing big ideas into visceral confrontation with our daily lives.

We work from images that move us, physically and emotionally. They are the wheels that set our process in motion, and the sign posts that guide us in our journey towards a theatre which can translate complex subject matter into affective experiences. A continued development from previous versions of Perpetual, Between Teeth have teamed up with sound artist James Shearman, to integrate the use of sound within performance, in particular the "physicality of sound" and how this leads to animated movement. 


Between Teeth Theatre Company was founded in 2014 by Jimmy Addy, Taylor Ayling and Liam Cadzow Webb, soon-to-be graduates of Rose Bruford College's European Theatre Arts course. Conceived in 2014, PERPETUAL has been developed for over 3 years and is Between Teeth Theatre's groundbreaking first show. 

Between Teeth Theatre seek to make provocative and uncompromising new work, bringing big ideas into visceral confrontation with our daily lives.

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It has some brilliant ideas — the garlands of flowers which bloom into light at the touch of a girl’s finger are beautiful (the lighting design is by Aiden Bromley).
— Peter Graystone | Church Times
For me the emphasis rested much more on the visual. In part, [...] exquisite detail and lighting, more than a little off-kilter. I saw the echoes of Derek Jarman’s Caravaggio.
— Martin Perry | Homoculture Mag