LITTLE VOICE by Jim Cartwright


Production Little Voice

Company The Bob Hope Theatre Actors' Company


Ensemble N/A


Director Sarah Howard

Lighting Design Stuart Gain


Lighting Programmer Jacob Shooter

Assistant Lighting Programmer Aiden Bromley

Lighting Operator Aiden Bromley


The Bob Hope Theatre Actor’s Company proudly brings to the stage, Jim Cartwright’s award winning production, ‘The Rise and Fall of Little Voice’.  This backstreet Cinderella story, with its built-in kick of gritty humour, sentiment and savage turns, bursts through the door of this northern gem with compassion and life.

Little Voice (LV) lives alone with her mother Mari whose sole purpose in life is to find another man. Mari’s imposing presence drives the shy LV into utter seclusion, locked in her bedroom listening to her late father’s old record collection.  When small time impresario Ray Say, Mari’s latest catch, hears LV’s faultless impersonations of various famous singers, he recognises the gold in her voice and is determined to exploit it.